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This means you have asked your friends, family, healthcare provider, local parenting groups, childbirth educators, community resource groups to find us AND WE are delighted to see you here…….

STEP 1 – Make the CALL or EMAIL

NOW it’s time to set up a free no-obligation ‘meet and greet’ to answer your questions about doula support and ensure a great fit for your family. Meetings can be arranged for in your home, at THE WOMB or in a public place. 

This is your chance to get to know one of us, wonderful Doulas and find that we would be a good fit for your family.

Many questions come up naturally during a consult, but we will also touch on the key points below.

NOW let’s connect you to a DOULA.

All you need to do is fill out this form and we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours! 


STEP 2 - Consultation - Location and Time

A Doula with availability for your estimated due date, location, and who suits your needs and personality has now been in touch with you! Together you will pick a date and time for the free consultation. Plan for approximately one hour in your home, The WOMB™ or a public place (coffee shop).

Expect to discuss the following items:

  • A little about you, your plans and desires
  • The Doula’s experience, philosophy, strengths and personality
  • What a Doula does to support you, your partner and family
  • Our broad range of services
  • Details of our Doula Service Agreement (fees, our commitment to you, what to expect of our support, your role in the relationship)
  • Any other questions you might have! 


STEP 3 – Commitment

Oftentimes our families know it's the right match at the first meeting. Signing the Doula Service Agreement on the spot or taking a few days to think about it and to confirm your decision together both work. When you are ready to start working together, just contact your doula!

Your Doula will welcome you on-board and set up your prenatal meetings, classes and arrange payment with you.


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