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Angie Stenback

I am a woman who is inspired by nature, who is passionate about everything I do, and who seeks to inspire the world. It is why I spend most days working alongside an amazing team of 30+ experts and leaders in fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period at The WOMB™. We work together to create an environment that is healing, loving and supportive.

It is also why I became a doula. I am inspired by the moment a new mother realizes how courageous and strong she has been during birth – that moment she believes it fully in her every cell and cries, “I did it!” I marvel at the moment a father or partner sees their baby for the first time. That first breath, first cry and the overwhelming awe that fills him or her. I’ve seen partners buckle to their knees, cry, laugh or have to sit down from awe and joy. It is the most incredible miracle to witness birth – every time – no matter the type a birth a family experiences.

But in order to get there, I need to work from a place of freedom for myself and endeavor to inspire this in others. That means I support my own and my client’s freedom to choose or make their own decisions, the freedom for my clients to be themselves and not who anyone else “expects” them to be while birthing, and the freedom of us all to live in THIS moment. Even when that means I am up close and personal with a woman, guiding her and her partner through every single birth sensation, and every single breath.

Having birthed 5 children myself, I know that the most important thing mothers need from me, as her Doula, is my unwavering belief that “she can do it” – despite the pain, the doubt, fears or what anyone else says. When the intensity increases, mothers need mental and spiritual strength from me – in a hospital room, at home in a tub, or under the lights of an operating room by caesarean. And in order to do that, I am the vessel through which strength flows, to help mothers sustain the continuous, consistent focus and love they need through birth.

If you don’t see me at The WOMB™, you will find me driving my kiddos around to hockey, dance or film school, hiking with my pup through the woods, or hanging with my family. I am a Firecracker, Nature-loving and Passionate - for myself, for my family and for those who have entrusted their care and support to me through pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.


“We want to thank you very much for your incredible support. I couldn’t have done it without you. We were so blessed to have you there during this special time. You were able to direct me during stressful parts of my labour – and only someone who had my needs and expectations put first could have provided that care with such love. You are a kind and beautiful person inside and out. This is what labour support is all about, bringing out inner strength. Thanks and love. Ashley, Jon, & Kendall

“Dear Angie. We’ll never really be able to tell you how much you mean to us. For Brian, you are a trusted friend and coach, who helps him have loads of confidence as a husband and dad. For Evie and Violet, you are one of a special few people who know them from their very first minutes on this earth. And for me…Wow. You are truly one of the most inspiring people that I know. Inspiring as a doula, mom, businesswoman, athlete, friend and person. Your strength and love are incredible, and I feel blessed to have felt them both. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for believing in me always. I’m so honoured and grateful to know you, and I love you always.Jen, Brian, Evelyn & Violet xoxo”

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