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Lorri Fleming

I am a nurturing woman who highly values love and connection with family, friends and the clients I work with. I am passionate about health, personal growth/development, service and love and connection. 

Through my mission to be the change want to see in the world, I have come to an amazing place in my life when during a typical day I get to connect with a constant flow of WOMB families through the centre, and a team of dedicated, extremely talented practitioners. I get to share our mission world wide as a founder and director of The WOMB™, spreading love and support through personal connections, social media and marketing.

But first, I was a Doula. And how did I get there? When I think back to my favourite birth moment, it was probably the first birth I ever attended almost 20 years ago. I shed tears of joy when that baby arrived earth-side. I was simply overjoyed for the new family but most importantly, I knew that I had just found my calling! 

To me, it is important to laugh between contractions, and to be reminded that the birth sensation will go away. Moms need me to tell them that yes, birth can be tough but you are TOUGHER! I know what it means to be brave because I have had to be, through the births of my own children, running a marathon and especially when my husband was ill. These situations have taught me to dig deep, realized how brave and strong I can be and realize what a blessing these challenges have turned out to be. 

On my way to every birth, even twenty years later, I say a prayer to say how grateful I am to be a Childbirth Professional and be able to support families as they celebrate their baby's arrival. I ask God to use me in the way that is most helpful and pray that the birth be a positive experience for the whole family and birthing team. 

I became a Doula because it fulfills every one of my core values and that to me is the definition of true JOY! Doing what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!


“Cameron and I have just been through the most exciting and beautiful moments of our life. Despite the love and support from our wonderful families, it was you who brought us the most comfort and strength for our birth journey. We were terrified and rightfully so. What did we know about having a baby? You made us feel like it was all going to be ok-and it was. I honestly could not imagine what it would have been like without you there to hold our hands and guide us through a very emotional time. I can't tell you how thankful I am to you for answering all of my many questions and helping me accomplish the fine art of breastfeeding. We are off to a great start, a new beginning for all of us and you will always be a special part of that. Forever in our hearts and our history.  —Lots of Love, Hanem, Cameron and Zahra


“It is hard to believe how much life has changed in the last few months.... and what a wonderful time it has been. We really don't know where to begin in thanking you. Saying "thank you" really does not seem to fully capture our gratitude. You brought order to a chaotic and ever-changing situation, you provided on going expertise and support and you provided our twins with HUGE amounts of TLC. Our Modern day "Mary Poppins". Lorri, you have a gift and our lives were enhanced since you were part of it.” ~Love, Sinead, Dave, Aislinn and Matthew

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