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Tammy Manzo

I am on my way to be with you. I will stop right before entering the hospital or your home, take a deep breath and then say to myself.... "ok let’s do this.... we've got this" – and always, I say it with a smile.... When you or your partner look at me for reassurance, I will smile and nod. I will touch you or remind you that "you've got this". You will have that look of relief, and calmness will come over you because the connection is all through just a look. And I am in love.

I became a Doula because I love mommas and mommas-to-be. I wanted to make a difference making sure that all women are loved and supported. With my first baby, I had the best support I thought I could have with my hubby. He was awesome and in awe, but we were both so lost and felt so alone. With baby number 2 we had midwives and WOW is all I can say - not only for me but for my hubby.  I left the hospital thinking OMG I need to be in this world that loves, guides and supports women every step of the way through pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent! That is when my adventure began - almost the minute I walked out of the hospital. I have been blessed ever since to support hundreds of families 

I will help you work from within. I will help you work from your core. I will keep you focused and present to the moment. Because I am fun loving, caring, open minded, emotional and kind. I am also a worrier and a mother who spends the majority of her time, when she isn’t with you, driving her family around. When you ask for me though – I will be there. When you need to feel complete and fulfilled in becoming a parent, I will be there for you. When you need connection, I will be there for you. I look forward to connecting with you!


“Making the decision to use a Doula is a very personal one. The moment I spoke with Tammy on the phone I knew we had hit it off. I had a somewhat adventurous 3rd trimester and Tammy was always there for us. I found her to be down to earth and open minded. She made us feel at ease with our decisions. Having Tammy with us throughout our labour and delivery was fantastic. After delivery she was always available by phone or text and put us in touch with some great resources. Having her expertise and knowledge was so valuable. I highly recommend Tammy as your Doula!” —Samantha

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